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The breakdown of a family often becomes a serious psychological trauma for all its members. The separation of spouses is often accompanied by problems related to the division of joint property, family debts, custody of children, and the payment of alimony.

And if there is no agreement between the ex-husband and wife, then the proceedings drag on for many years, causing additional moral and material damage to all participants. Unfortunately, children suffer the most in such situations.

If you have thoughts of divorce, first consult with a fort collins family law attorneys. A specialist will analyze your situation and describe the prospects. It is also very important to take into account the factors in advance that can complicate the process:
The categorical reluctance of one of the spouses to get divorced;
Complete financial dependence of one of the spouses on the other;

If one of the spouses hides from the other relationship on the side (betrayal), money savings, or problems with the law;
The emergence of unfounded claims to property (for example, to property that was owned by one of the spouses before marriage);
Potential disputes over child custody (especially if a divorce entails the relocation of one of the spouses to another city or another country).

Divorce without the consent of the other party

Divorce does not require the consent of one of the parties. fort collins family law attorneys draw up claims for divorce taking into account the norms of the Family Code and court practice in this area. Almost all divorce claims are filed unilaterally without the consent of the other party. They come to this path if it is impossible to find a common language with one of the spouses for a civilized resolution of a family drama, or if he is recognized as incapacitated or completely absent.

Divorce by mutual consent

There is a less morally traumatic way of divorcing spouses in the practice of law firms fort collins co. This is divorce by mutual consent. Divorce by mutual consent is possible in the presence of common children by mutual application to the court.

Having identified the problematic points in advance, a competent divorce lawyer will help plan the divorce process so that possible problems do not drag it out and do not lead to unpredictable results.

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